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“Thou Shalt not covet thy Opposing Party’s Base”

I’m no Ronald Reagan, as anyone who actually knew him would know.  But a new commandment giveth I thee Republican Party – “Covet not thy opponent party’s base.”

Violation of this basic command shall result in the death of the Republican party’s purpose for existence, and thus threatens it’s very existence!  “The wages of sin is death” as it says.  Why?

Chase votes with promises similar to the Democratic party, and you become it.  Why should any bloc of voters go with a poor imitation of the original Democrat promises and pandering?

Thoughts that once you have their base you can transform it, is pretty useless since the party itself would have no character left to bring about that end.  In fact, it will have transformed itself into a wing of the Democratic Party.

Every time the Republican party sets aside principle to win one of these voter blocs of the Democratic Party, it sets aside its soul, it’s very foundation destroyed.

Real Republicans start staying home or start a new party that has principles and vigor born of them.  Or the Party can recognize its need to keep its heart, and the enthusiasm of its own current base.  Better to stand for something, than fail because no one knows “why” you “are”.


“A Republic, madam, if you can keep it!”

Values of Republican Government Fading?

We are losing our history, culture and traditions.

We watch this daily, it seems, as the value of “Sharia” law  – an intolerant system, is held out as an icon of intercultural tolerance. Sacrificed is freedom of religion  and speech, when Americans are in jail because they made a politically incorrect and definitely “Sharia condemned” movies.  Daily we see a moral equivalency trumpeted from the highest peaks and mountains of media, corrupted by its “ends justify the means” philosophy.

What’s this all do for us?  American culture is further driven from its roots in Western civilization.  It is taken farther from the “Rights of Man”, and in its place is the convenience of “whatever it takes” philosophy of government.  That means undermine democracy by suppressing information that is inconvenient to the “party line.”

It means growing ignorance also of what exactly is at stake:  The Republican form of government.

Can we do our part to assure that as Lincoln put it at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on November 19, 1863 “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”? Make no mistake, we too are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether this or any nation can make it fact.

We need desperately a press to inform, schools that educate, and leadership that can take that and RENEW the vision of this republic’s citizens.  Presently we see it saddled with too many who are ignorant of how our system works, and ignorance of both our rights as citizens, and therefore failure to recognize when basic rights trampled by a growing large state.

This is a call to our young conservatives who love the Republic:  Get into education and the media, counter what has built up over the past 40 years.  And where ever possible, make known the values and principles of our fathers.

David Petraeus scandle: A Whole Lot’a Something funny going on here

Judge Napolitano, Fox-News legal issues “go-to-guy”, raises interesting questions on what in fact is a highly unusual case for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to have taken up:  Adultery that included email series from a spurned lover to a competitor to stay away from her man.  Nothing here, Napolitano points out, is a crime, let alone grounds for an FBI investigation.

The fact that it was taken up, and has now been spread all over the nation after resignation of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Director, David Petraeus interesting too.

This so smacks of a set up.  Bad judgement by the four-star and CIA Director, you bet!  But the way it surfaced and forced resignation, resembles something out of Chicago politics.

Known since last summer could it be that the affair was effectively used to silence Petraeus regarding the entirety of how Benghazi had, was and is being handled by the Administration?

Yeah, it could be.

Mike Mitchell

You have to wonder… Blackmail already done?

The late Federal Bureau of Investigation director, J. Edgar Hoover, was known to use information on public figures, to manipulate them, silence them and so on.  This is not a practice new to him, or exclusive to him, either.  There is a sequence of events that beg for more information than we presently have, or may ever have.  Most recent:  The scandal around CIA Director David Petraeus’ affair with a biographer.

That sequence of events is around Benghazi, Libya – and the fateful night of September 11, 2012, that saw 4 Americans murdered, including Ambassador John Stevens.   Includes a trip to Benghazi by Director (former 4-star General) Petraeus, who friends indicated was conducting a “personal” assessment and investigation of the event.  What were his conclusions?  Unknown to the public.  As the world knows, his resignation has delayed Congressional hearings, and so on.  Hopefully it has freed-up the General to reveal whatever his findings were to Congressional panels.

But if they were to reflect negatively on the Administration and its players (Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Rice, prior decisions regarding security of embassies for that day, any denials of requests by Stevens to gird up security in Benghazi, etc.) – perhaps the blackmail suppressed and suppresses the results of his investigation.

On so many levels, this sordid episode in American history, challenges us.  Accountability is a must.

Mike Mitchell

Evil Muppet Continues to Lose Support

The Tribune of the People

The true scale of the desertion from Norquist’s pledge is actually obscured by GOP losses in the House. At least a dozen of the House Republicans’ top recruits, touted as “Young Guns,” declined to sign the pledge this year. Norquist’s group spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads explicitly defending candidates like California Republican Ricky Gill and Georgia Republican Lee Anderson against flak they were taking for signing the pledge. Both lost.

And back in Washington, where signing the pledge was once de rigueur, Republicans have been increasingly bold in rebuking Norquist. Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn has long been a sharp critic of the pledge’s inflexibility — “Grover, you’re stupid,” is just a sample — but now he’s being joined by a growing roster of colleagues. “Grover Norquist has no credibility, so I don’t respond to him. He doesn’t deserve being responded to,” said Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss. “Simply…

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Republic And Leaders in Danger if no accountability

Lack of accountability for use of power, results in too much power for humans to handle.

Historian Lord Acton, expressed this to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:  “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”   “Bad men” can take power by mere  postponement or prevention of  accountability for power’s use.

That’s why there are three co-equal branches of American government and the “fourth estate” – a free press – to maximize accountability for use of power by officials.  Blunt – or prevent accountability – and the Republic is endangered, if not destroyed.  Our good leaders are tempted  to abuse power, our bad ones empowered for tyranny, all because their power becomes too great.

Silencing the questions that arise on embarrassing or potentially shocking or criminal activities, eliminates that accountability and opens the door to tyrannies.   When protection (by preventing accountability) of a president becomes more important,  – you may corrupt him and feed tyranny’s growth.

And because of such a growing cancer, the Republic is endangered or destroyed.  It’s life line is truth in the hands of it’s citizens.

Retired general, David Petraeus, head of the CIA and a national hero who shortened the Iraq campaign, and joined in against the Taliban in Afghanistan.  He engages in an extramarital affair with married reporter.  FBI and CIA delay accountability – hang national security out to dry with a compromised CIA director – until after the election.

Their clear desire to shield President Obama from re-election dangers that scandal brings.  That’s corruption of accountability.  Days before the election, Iran fires on an American drone over international waters.  It is kept quiet.  Again, process of national election corrupted, information again suppressed.

Add the scandal of covering up bad policy and “no response” in Benghazi, Libya to this – where four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador, were murdered by a terrorist militia with ties to Al Qaeda, and you have another item of importance kept from the American people during an election.  This cover-up is perhaps worse than that of Watergate and Richard Nixon.  As others have pointed out, no one died in Watergate.

Was an Executive branch policy’s outcome, masked to cover for a more extensive web of lies and bad judgement? What role did intentionally misleading American voters on causes of four Americans  deaths have on the election?

Only  the event of the Benghazi attack and an Ambassador’s murder, could not be covered up.  But a stone wall met the few questions asked by “journalists” successfully postponed Obama administration accountability about why and how until after the election.  The American press as a total institution, along with the Executive Branch of the Republic became allies in the cause of cover-up, making fertile the ground that breeds tyranny.

All this adds up to this – we must regain accountability of public servants and institutions, with Congress being the only available tool for the cleansing and justice.  And with the leadership Harry Reid in the Senate, we understand even Impeachment may not be successful in bringing accountability.

The House of Representatives might be discouraged by that alone from sending a Bill of Impeachment to the Senate, only to have it buried.  If so, a very important tool of the Constitution rendered useless.  And the cleansing ability of elections much tougher when such suppression of truth and investigation is possible!

Mike Mitchell

Get What We Asked For: Tyranny

The defeated Romney candidacy did not motivate, nor could he motivate, the Conservative base of the Republican electorate.  Three million voters sat on their hands at home.  Three million voters assured Barack Obama a second term.

With that term comes likelihood of Supreme Court justice appointments and a Senate that will confirm them.  With that term come the taking of well over a million acres of federal land from shale oil exploration.  With that term comes a President who threatens to scuttle and “fiscal cliff” solutions that don’t fit his desire of punishing the rich and giving to the poor.

With that term comes uncertain foreign policies designed to weaken the influence of the United States in the world.  With it also comes likelihood of a treaty that can counter the Second Amendment‘s “right to bear arms”.

And name any freedom once that well has been dipped into by liberals, (treaties hold equal status to the Constitution we must honored it – period), for getting rid of many other freedoms – to include blaspheme any prophet a citizen cares to blaspheme with a once protected First Amendment contradicted by a treaty.

Thanks, to three million principled conservatives, who would not compromise on a Romney candidacy.  Thanks for your service to your nation and the cause of freedom in the world.


Mike Mitchell

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