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Get What We Asked For: Tyranny

The defeated Romney candidacy did not motivate, nor could he motivate, the Conservative base of the Republican electorate.  Three million voters sat on their hands at home.  Three million voters assured Barack Obama a second term.

With that term comes likelihood of Supreme Court justice appointments and a Senate that will confirm them.  With that term come the taking of well over a million acres of federal land from shale oil exploration.  With that term comes a President who threatens to scuttle and “fiscal cliff” solutions that don’t fit his desire of punishing the rich and giving to the poor.

With that term comes uncertain foreign policies designed to weaken the influence of the United States in the world.  With it also comes likelihood of a treaty that can counter the Second Amendment‘s “right to bear arms”.

And name any freedom once that well has been dipped into by liberals, (treaties hold equal status to the Constitution we must honored it – period), for getting rid of many other freedoms – to include blaspheme any prophet a citizen cares to blaspheme with a once protected First Amendment contradicted by a treaty.

Thanks, to three million principled conservatives, who would not compromise on a Romney candidacy.  Thanks for your service to your nation and the cause of freedom in the world.


Mike Mitchell


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