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David Petraeus scandle: A Whole Lot’a Something funny going on here

Judge Napolitano, Fox-News legal issues “go-to-guy”, raises interesting questions on what in fact is a highly unusual case for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to have taken up:  Adultery that included email series from a spurned lover to a competitor to stay away from her man.  Nothing here, Napolitano points out, is a crime, let alone grounds for an FBI investigation.

The fact that it was taken up, and has now been spread all over the nation after resignation of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Director, David Petraeus interesting too.

This so smacks of a set up.  Bad judgement by the four-star and CIA Director, you bet!  But the way it surfaced and forced resignation, resembles something out of Chicago politics.

Known since last summer could it be that the affair was effectively used to silence Petraeus regarding the entirety of how Benghazi had, was and is being handled by the Administration?

Yeah, it could be.

Mike Mitchell


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