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“Thou Shalt not covet thy Opposing Party’s Base”

I’m no Ronald Reagan, as anyone who actually knew him would know.  But a new commandment giveth I thee Republican Party – “Covet not thy opponent party’s base.”

Violation of this basic command shall result in the death of the Republican party’s purpose for existence, and thus threatens it’s very existence!  “The wages of sin is death” as it says.  Why?

Chase votes with promises similar to the Democratic party, and you become it.  Why should any bloc of voters go with a poor imitation of the original Democrat promises and pandering?

Thoughts that once you have their base you can transform it, is pretty useless since the party itself would have no character left to bring about that end.  In fact, it will have transformed itself into a wing of the Democratic Party.

Every time the Republican party sets aside principle to win one of these voter blocs of the Democratic Party, it sets aside its soul, it’s very foundation destroyed.

Real Republicans start staying home or start a new party that has principles and vigor born of them.  Or the Party can recognize its need to keep its heart, and the enthusiasm of its own current base.  Better to stand for something, than fail because no one knows “why” you “are”.


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