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Speaker John Boehner: Need a Conservative “Fiscal Cliff” bill to pass both houses



Big or Small, its poison to a healthy investment surge.  (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

$800 billion in taxes – Obama’s old proposal – IS NOT any more attractive than the $1.6 trillion Obama now wants.  It is “old” Obama, which was unacceptable then and remains so.

The point is, raising taxes during a recession or stuttering recovery is “madness”.  Going over the fiscal cliff is an attractive item for many a liberal Dem.   Cut the military and raise everyone’s taxes?  What could be better?

Mr. Boehner, please, understand – you take the blame with the onus of all bad results either of those options.

The trick is to pass and renew Bush tax cuts for another 10 years or more.  Let Obama or the Senate turn it down and take the beating that will follow as taxes hit everyone and recession is renewed instead of the Bush tax cut.

When the economy rebounds, if the tax cuts are renewed, Conservative approach will win new adherents!  That’s the kind of win-win we must set up – Mr. Speaker, attack!  Never give up, never give up!


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