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The “Game” isn’t over


The games being played in our country add up to monumental losses of freedom or successful defenses against attacks of it.  The Republic – can it stand?  You see the Federal government infringing on personal choices and liberty – and yet some signs of life are in the State government.

Dozens of states refuse to set up federally mandated health insurance “markets”,  Michigan adopts  right to work laws  joining others elsewhere – letting people choose to join unions or not.  Texas toys with succession from the Union again.  Suddenly I remember the word “Federal” and what it means…

Divided government and divided responsibility between federal and state governments.  We need the divide these days, and to use it as possible.  Today, states have more Republican governors than either party have held in decades.

It looks like “states’ rights” will have to assume a better reputation, and heft itself up to the challenge of these four years to come.  Perhaps the states are the most viable way of preserving the Union with its republican and federal principles intact.


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