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When you realize your wife teaches kindergartners

On the way to see about some coffee for my wife and the brief drop-by at her school.  Then the radio when I turn it on has that deathly quiet, focused and the clearly somber voice.

Eighteen kindergarten age kids slaughtered, seven adults also murdered, and with another “self inflicted” gunshot a mass murdering monster kills himself. And yes, another 20-something shooter exacts a price from innocents for whatever “problems” he may have been trying to resolve in such an incredibly unjust, brutal and murderous way!

We just had one in Oregon at the local shopping mall.  There two murdered and the shooter, a suicide.

A high school near my work did a shut down when a disassembled rifle was found in a bag in a classroom.  One of the employees (maybe more) had a student involved in that lock-down.  Luckily, it did not turn out that day, like it did today.

Millions on millions will continue through this day and NOT experience this horror where they are.  But these did, and the coverage and knowledge of what they faced today shocks a nation and world.  Too many “near misses” keep us all wondering “near me next?”

But the answer is not to repeat the standard political battle of guns vs outlaw guns.  Be practicable, and learn what to do if you are faced with an active shooter.  That’s the point.  Criminals don’t mind breaking a law or two to get a weapon, let alone carry it illegally.

Please, go here and ask yourself during the final scene of this ‘what to do if a shooter comes’ – what would be a great tool in “neutralizing” this shooter?

Training and forethought may save lives – go to this to see and think through your response in such a crises:

Run, Hide, Fight


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