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Liberal’s carry their defeat with them

“…Churchill and Ronald Reagan are the two statesmen I know who regarded the Soviet Union as weak, even at the height of its power, because it was built on self-contradictory propositions and its system led to obvious and repeated injustices. Churchill believed that also of the socialist government to which he lost in 1946.”   Larry P. Arnn President,  Hillsdale College, November 7, 2012

So too, can the regime of liberalism led by Barack Obama be viewed in similar light.  Its foundational principles, its programs, ambitions, and goals – simply are not realistic – based upon false principles or premises.  People are very careful to not identify those principles the present government powers hold to so firmly:

1.  An elite, not the “masses”, should rule.

2.  Everything belongs to the government and corporations, distributed as seems best to the elites, to the little people.

3.  All the privileges of feudal lords, now reside with the governmental and corporate elites.

These are the foundations of fascism.  They inherently deny all that the heart holds for the dignity of man and self-respect.  It will be defeated.



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