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Limiting shots – and respect for life related?

Have you heard the politician Leahy, saying that deers have more protection by limiting magazines to 6 rounds than people do?  He concludes we value deers more than humans.

Let’s say some deers have more sense than some humans!  But frankly, the more rounds permitted, the more respect being shown to human life.

We limit defense of it to, let’s say 3 rounds per magazine, than we are not affording more protection of life, but significantly less protection for human life.

You see, that’s the rub:  Guns are for defense.  Yes criminals – as always – will seek to intimidate those they exploit.  It’s a lot harder to do that when the law-abiding citizen can defend themselves with high-caliber, unlimited rounds.

Stop allowing guns to be called out as attack tools.  Rather, quite the contrary, they are defensive tools – protecting innocent life from criminals – and perhaps even as the Founding Fathers viewed it:  protection for personal liberty and freedom against tyrannical governments that might evolve or seize power.



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