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Shocked and Shocking in the “Casa Blanca” tradition

Woke up this morning with some sense of anticipation.  Went in, turned on the TV, went to C-SPAN 2 hoping to watch what has been held out as dramatic expected testimony.  Three highly placed “Whistle-blowers” were going to spill all regarding Benghazi and the cover-up that brought Obama election victory in November 2011.

Some speculate the results of the testimony before the House committee, could result in the impeachment and removal Obama from office of President.

Got to C-SPAN 2 and there saw the banner as one-minute speeches on not-so-interesting topics were being given by members of the House.  The banner read that the hearings were on C-SPAN 3!!

I don’t think there is a television on the planet that has C-SPAN 3!!!

Given that my Netbook was not working well, I couldn’t get to C-SPAN 3!!  Fox News I understood from listening to the Rush Limbaugh show, was doing wall to wall coverage.  Unfortunately I don’t have access to Fox.  But no worries… surely this major news event would get coverage elsewhere.

To my “shock” and “surprise” – there were no other media outlets with coverage.  Later I would catch the gripping story of the witnesses via re-broadcasts once I got to a real computer (I hate my netbook and it’s linux os!).

But how many other’s will have that testimony?  Delayed for 8 months, and now buried by the media, these courageous whistle blowers deserve better – as do the four who died for their country – largely due to the political scheming of those ambitious for a presidency (one wanted a second term – the other looking to 2016 to become the first woman president).


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