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Conservatism will yet have its day

George Wills makes an excellent point:  Because the fiscal cliff deal made permanent the Bush-era tax cuts for all but about 1/2 of 1% of top taxpayers, financing the large federal apparatus liberals have in mind – is not possible.  “The math” will not permit the vast expansions of federal power!

Now that’s good news!  Fought it hook, tooth and nail, with a house speaker jaw boning a deaf president in private, this is nevertheless, a good thing.

Now we plunge on to another crises:  The Debt Limit.  Fiscal legislation originates in the House, money measures must originate with it.  If it wished, it could mandate (to maintain the good faith and credibility of the United States) allow for interest payments to investors, and shut down any expansion of further debt.

It would be vetoed – of course – and a crises of “government shut-down” ensue.  Only essential federal expenditures could take place.  One can’t ask for a more conservative approach to spending!  Hopefully government, under those circumstances, will shut down.  The result of Senate  inactivity, or veto should the Senate pass the bill proposed by the Republicans in the House.

Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations[1] points to The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, whose editor wrote in 1837, “The best government is that which governs least.”



Liberal’s carry their defeat with them

“…Churchill and Ronald Reagan are the two statesmen I know who regarded the Soviet Union as weak, even at the height of its power, because it was built on self-contradictory propositions and its system led to obvious and repeated injustices. Churchill believed that also of the socialist government to which he lost in 1946.”   Larry P. Arnn President,  Hillsdale College, November 7, 2012

So too, can the regime of liberalism led by Barack Obama be viewed in similar light.  Its foundational principles, its programs, ambitions, and goals – simply are not realistic – based upon false principles or premises.  People are very careful to not identify those principles the present government powers hold to so firmly:

1.  An elite, not the “masses”, should rule.

2.  Everything belongs to the government and corporations, distributed as seems best to the elites, to the little people.

3.  All the privileges of feudal lords, now reside with the governmental and corporate elites.

These are the foundations of fascism.  They inherently deny all that the heart holds for the dignity of man and self-respect.  It will be defeated.


Remember: Government spends whatever it can


We don’t have the votes in the Senate, but wouldn’t it be refreshing to going down for principle?  Pray tell, what have we to lose?  Pass a Conservative bill and make the Senate/Obama kill it.  They would be the ones causing a tax hike for the middle income earners, then, not us.


When you realize your wife teaches kindergartners

On the way to see about some coffee for my wife and the brief drop-by at her school.  Then the radio when I turn it on has that deathly quiet, focused and the clearly somber voice.

Eighteen kindergarten age kids slaughtered, seven adults also murdered, and with another “self inflicted” gunshot a mass murdering monster kills himself. And yes, another 20-something shooter exacts a price from innocents for whatever “problems” he may have been trying to resolve in such an incredibly unjust, brutal and murderous way!

We just had one in Oregon at the local shopping mall.  There two murdered and the shooter, a suicide.

A high school near my work did a shut down when a disassembled rifle was found in a bag in a classroom.  One of the employees (maybe more) had a student involved in that lock-down.  Luckily, it did not turn out that day, like it did today.

Millions on millions will continue through this day and NOT experience this horror where they are.  But these did, and the coverage and knowledge of what they faced today shocks a nation and world.  Too many “near misses” keep us all wondering “near me next?”

But the answer is not to repeat the standard political battle of guns vs outlaw guns.  Be practicable, and learn what to do if you are faced with an active shooter.  That’s the point.  Criminals don’t mind breaking a law or two to get a weapon, let alone carry it illegally.

Please, go here and ask yourself during the final scene of this ‘what to do if a shooter comes’ – what would be a great tool in “neutralizing” this shooter?

Training and forethought may save lives – go to this to see and think through your response in such a crises:

Run, Hide, Fight

Short, sweet and simple solution to fiscal cliff

“No revenue is sufficient without economy.” — Ben Franklin, Founding Father

Modern day rendition of the thought:

“It’s clear the president is just not serious about cutting spending. But spending is the problem,” Boehner said at a news conference earlier today. “The president wants to pretend spending isn’t the problem. That’s why we don’t have an agreement.” — John Boehner, Speaker of the House


The “Game” isn’t over


The games being played in our country add up to monumental losses of freedom or successful defenses against attacks of it.  The Republic – can it stand?  You see the Federal government infringing on personal choices and liberty – and yet some signs of life are in the State government.

Dozens of states refuse to set up federally mandated health insurance “markets”,  Michigan adopts  right to work laws  joining others elsewhere – letting people choose to join unions or not.  Texas toys with succession from the Union again.  Suddenly I remember the word “Federal” and what it means…

Divided government and divided responsibility between federal and state governments.  We need the divide these days, and to use it as possible.  Today, states have more Republican governors than either party have held in decades.

It looks like “states’ rights” will have to assume a better reputation, and heft itself up to the challenge of these four years to come.  Perhaps the states are the most viable way of preserving the Union with its republican and federal principles intact.

Speaker John Boehner: Need a Conservative “Fiscal Cliff” bill to pass both houses



Big or Small, its poison to a healthy investment surge.  (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

$800 billion in taxes – Obama’s old proposal – IS NOT any more attractive than the $1.6 trillion Obama now wants.  It is “old” Obama, which was unacceptable then and remains so.

The point is, raising taxes during a recession or stuttering recovery is “madness”.  Going over the fiscal cliff is an attractive item for many a liberal Dem.   Cut the military and raise everyone’s taxes?  What could be better?

Mr. Boehner, please, understand – you take the blame with the onus of all bad results either of those options.

The trick is to pass and renew Bush tax cuts for another 10 years or more.  Let Obama or the Senate turn it down and take the beating that will follow as taxes hit everyone and recession is renewed instead of the Bush tax cut.

When the economy rebounds, if the tax cuts are renewed, Conservative approach will win new adherents!  That’s the kind of win-win we must set up – Mr. Speaker, attack!  Never give up, never give up!

“Even when the very hot place (H***) freezes over – we will not surrender!”

Official portrait of United States House Speak...

Official portrait of United States House Speaker (R-Ohio). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, this is not about Global Freezing (or whatever).  It is about an attitude the Republican Party needs to adopt in its bargaining with a Democrat Senate and Presidency.  The quote above is of me – it should be House Speaker John Boehner!

In Article 1 of the Constitution, we find “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

Do you think that is leverage when talking about a “Fiscal” or revenue, “Cliff?”

Do you think that Speaker Boehner can get the bill he favors passed in the House and sent to the Senate, that he claims could pass both houses?

Would this not put President Obama in the hot seat, in that if the “Fiscal Cliff” and huge increase of taxes hits the middle-income earners – and would not that be HIS problem at that time, if he chooses to vetoe the bill, and finally make it clear that the GOP can’t be counted upon to always do its “Fall Guy” routine?

Why in the world cannot the GOP take the offensive on this issue, they control the House but keep doing “Mother May I” requests of the President.

Power brokers – in order to have credibility as such – sometimes must exert their power.  Is it not the time to draw a line, and take the initiative?

“Thou Shalt not covet thy Opposing Party’s Base”

I’m no Ronald Reagan, as anyone who actually knew him would know.  But a new commandment giveth I thee Republican Party – “Covet not thy opponent party’s base.”

Violation of this basic command shall result in the death of the Republican party’s purpose for existence, and thus threatens it’s very existence!  “The wages of sin is death” as it says.  Why?

Chase votes with promises similar to the Democratic party, and you become it.  Why should any bloc of voters go with a poor imitation of the original Democrat promises and pandering?

Thoughts that once you have their base you can transform it, is pretty useless since the party itself would have no character left to bring about that end.  In fact, it will have transformed itself into a wing of the Democratic Party.

Every time the Republican party sets aside principle to win one of these voter blocs of the Democratic Party, it sets aside its soul, it’s very foundation destroyed.

Real Republicans start staying home or start a new party that has principles and vigor born of them.  Or the Party can recognize its need to keep its heart, and the enthusiasm of its own current base.  Better to stand for something, than fail because no one knows “why” you “are”.

“A Republic, madam, if you can keep it!”

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