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You’ve got to wonder when “let them eat cake” line coming!

They cut out the White House tours, but not the $184,000 an hour plane rides for our joy riding prez.  He is traveling on some legitimate business – granted.  But how many trips to Hawaii, how much traveling out for golf with Tiger?  How much extravagance will the “vice” prez stack up when he hits foreign shores?

Reported by Drudge:

On it goes.  This is soooo reminiscent of the French aristocracy and its extravagances, that Obama should be shivering in his boots.  Especially as the results of ObamaCare continue to come in.  Already talk of retiring physicians (6 of 10 reported to be on this track).  Companies to trim work forces below limits of 50 to avoid mandates for health care.
Meanwhile the senate’s first budget in four years has no cuts and a trillion in new taxes.
When can we come up for air?  When will enough be enough?  Our foreign policies are proving failures on almost every continent.  Benghazi questions go unanswered, and our president storms the middle east with “charm” as his answer to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.
Oh my aching ears and eyes from seeing /hearing these reports!!
But one thing is certain – hopefully – things must get worse before they get better – before Americans wake-up to the nightmare they’ve installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Hate to end on such a note!  Hopefully some will take this comfort below, and to those who cannot, remember – “this too shall pass.”
Psalm 146: 3-5

3Do not put your trust in princes,

in human beings, who cannot save.

4When their spirit departs, they return to the ground;

on that very day their plans come to nothing.

5Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob,

whose hope is in the Lord their God.


Short, sweet and simple solution to fiscal cliff

“No revenue is sufficient without economy.” — Ben Franklin, Founding Father

Modern day rendition of the thought:

“It’s clear the president is just not serious about cutting spending. But spending is the problem,” Boehner said at a news conference earlier today. “The president wants to pretend spending isn’t the problem. That’s why we don’t have an agreement.” — John Boehner, Speaker of the House


You have to wonder… Blackmail already done?

The late Federal Bureau of Investigation director, J. Edgar Hoover, was known to use information on public figures, to manipulate them, silence them and so on.  This is not a practice new to him, or exclusive to him, either.  There is a sequence of events that beg for more information than we presently have, or may ever have.  Most recent:  The scandal around CIA Director David Petraeus’ affair with a biographer.

That sequence of events is around Benghazi, Libya – and the fateful night of September 11, 2012, that saw 4 Americans murdered, including Ambassador John Stevens.   Includes a trip to Benghazi by Director (former 4-star General) Petraeus, who friends indicated was conducting a “personal” assessment and investigation of the event.  What were his conclusions?  Unknown to the public.  As the world knows, his resignation has delayed Congressional hearings, and so on.  Hopefully it has freed-up the General to reveal whatever his findings were to Congressional panels.

But if they were to reflect negatively on the Administration and its players (Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Rice, prior decisions regarding security of embassies for that day, any denials of requests by Stevens to gird up security in Benghazi, etc.) – perhaps the blackmail suppressed and suppresses the results of his investigation.

On so many levels, this sordid episode in American history, challenges us.  Accountability is a must.

Mike Mitchell

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