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What Can I say? We need to get radical?

English: An Oil Pump in western North Dakota

English: An Oil Pump in western North Dakota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our debts are fast exceeding resources tapped.

We are seeing a situation where our nation has never been richer, never been more abundant in its resources, energy and other; and yet we refuse to mine, dig, drill to get out of an obvious debt crises that need not be.

Much like in the depression years when milk poured by dairy farmers into ditches because supply exceeded demand – we now see new technology trampled on by politicians to avoid an abundance of oil, gas and other forms of usable energy sources.  The only result seems to be dependence on foreign energy and higher costs of living.

A resistance to this technology is clearly based on a desire to keep these prices up, not bringing them down.  This may be said to be because the Obama administration wants to make “green” technologies more competitive with the ever growing expense of traditional coal, oil, gas, etc., sources.

But I can only wonder…

What might be the other reason?  Perhaps to bring down this system by knocking out the basis of its success to date:  Cheap Energy.  It’s needed, it’s required, and the lid must be removed from it.  But has this system been so corrupted that the present order of power has no desire to remove it?

North Dakota’s boom shows what lifting it could do.  The Obama administration locking up exploration, fracking, etc., shows that the majority of sources continue to be shut down.

Are we so committed to decline and harder lives that we cannot fix this?  Certainly the reader of this blog, nor its writer are so committed.  Our Republic, frankly is at stake if we cannot preserve and/or establish a sound economic base for it. A base that is keyed upon individual freedom and maximization of individual liberty and creativity


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